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Our revolutionary new product and process will significantly reduce your costs, reduce your carbon footprint and benefit your partner charity. But there's more...

To discover the benefits of how the Big Eco Terra Fibre Technology™ and process can benefit your organisation contact us today and find out how to obtain a free trial.

The world's greenest towel

To discover the benefits of how the Big Eco Terra Fibre Technology™ and process can benefit your organisation watch the short video below and find out how to obtain a free trial.

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Eco Friendly Gym Towels

Gym Towels

It's an awkward issue. We all know that providing towels enhances customer experience but given the cost of 'lost' towels it isn't such a good experience for most gym owners.

Don't worry. We at Big Eco have the solution.

Eco Friendly Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

'Lost', contaminated and damaged towels all add to the challenges facing the Hotel Industry today and it's something that we at Big Eco can help provide a solution for.

If you would like to know how our unique product and process can eliminate these issues please get in touch and we will be delighted to explain how.

Big Eco Wipes

BE Wipes

Our highly absorbent, extremely durable plush wipes are ideal for all types of commercial cleaning.

We can't wait to tell you how much we can save you compared to your existing towels.

Find out more...

The Process

Re-use or Recycle; everyone wins!

Sophisticated and precise are just a couple of the comments that have been used to describe our product and process and whilst we are grateful for the kind comments we like to think that what we do and how we do it is simple. So we'd like to keep it that way.

Our Terra Fibre Technology™ may be unique and how we ensure we take great care of our customers may be just as innovative but we truly just want to do our best for you financially, socially and environmentally. Simple.

Eco Friendly Towels
Gym Towel Theft

Is Gym towel theft a problem?

Silly question we know. Having spent a great deal of time establishing the issues that most gyms face regarding the supply of towels to their membership we spent even more time producing a product and process that not only eliminates the problem but enhances your customers experience too.

What we are trying to say is the issues you face with towels that are 'lost', damaged or contaminated are a thing of the past.

Is hotel towel theft a problem?

Is hotel towel theft a problem?

Our friends in the Hospitality Industry have been telling us about the problems they have been having and the challenges they face when it comes to towels. It's a tough one for sure. Managing the flow and quality of towels seems to be a constant battle and once our friends established the true cost of these 'lost' and damaged towels they wanted to know more about the Big Eco product and process.

Eco Friendly Gym Towels

So, why Big Eco?

Seven figure sum to your bottom line- Significant benefits to your partner charity - Reduction in your organisation's carbon footprint - Enhance your customer experience - We even offer a free trial to those organisations who we feel fit with our ethos - We are simply doing our best to help you say yes

BE Wipes

Making commercial cleaning... green!

Ideal for all types of commercial cleaning, our wipes feature split microfibers ensuring they are highly absorbent. Two different finishes; one plush and smooth, the other slightly firmer, ensure that BE Wipes are capable of catering for every type of surface.

We would be delighted to show you how good they are. Simply contact us at

Eco Friendly Towels


A world-class supply chain.

Having world-class supply chain experts behind us and one of the world's largest textile manufacturing companies as our partner we know that we can make and keep promises to you regarding our product and process.

We are bold enough to offer those who we feel fit with the Big Eco ethos a free trial of our product & process. What more can we do?

If you would like us to share more with you just get in touch below.

The support to fulfil


It would be good to hear from you.

A little about us...

Big Eco is a young company whose product and process so impressed two organisations whose joint revenue last year exceeded $3bn they decided to partner with us in helping the Health Club Industry and Hotel Industry improve what they do. So, what we are saying is that we have both manufacturing and logistics covered. We can explain more should you like to meet with us. We promise you won't be disappointed.

We try and keep things simple. Our product and process will allow you to add significant sums to your bottom line. In addition to this our process reduces your carbon footprint and makes substantial contributions to your partner charity. As well as enhancing your clients experience we like to think we have covered all the bases.

Why do it?

Why we do it is any easy question to answer, We can help reduce your costs. We can help this little planet of ours. We can help feed some kids today. We think it's a no brainer.

Why should you do it? Well, once you have met with us and we have shown you our product and explained our process we think the question may be When can we do it?

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